All East Dunbartonshire Council schools welcome parental involvement as research has shown that when parents are involved children do better at school. There are many opportunities for parents to become involved in the life and work of the school – supporting learning at home, volunteering in school, joining the Parent Council or PTA, helping out at school trips and events, etc. 

At the start of each session we offer you the chance to meet with your child’s new teacher during our ‘Meet The Teacher’ sessions. At this time you can chat about how your child has settled with the new class teacher, see some of the resources the children use and ask any questions you may have.

In term 2 we have a parents’ evening where you have an individual discussion with the class teacher and a chance to see your child’s work in their classroom, in term 3 we send home a formal report and in term 4 there is another parents’ evening. 

Parents are also invited into the school when their child is performing in a class assembly and there are other events like school shows, presentations, community workshops, etc which parents often have the chance to attend. 

General information is communicated via headteacher’s newsletters. Class teachers will advise you of any changes such as PE days and homework arrangements through homework diaries/ sheets or letters as appropriate. We make good use of email and prefer to send electronic mail rather than paper letters where possible. You will be asked which method of communication you would prefer. You can email the school office at any time rather than writing a note – . This email is checked daily. We also use text messaging at times, usually as a reminder about school events and there are photographs, diary dates and other information on our school website .The school office can be contacted by phone on 01419552313. If you wish to speak to the headteacher, depute or principal teacher the school office staff will check if they are available when you call or will take a message and someone will call you back as soon as possible. 

We greatly appreciate the assistance you can offer to children in their learning and are very keen to work in partnership with all parents and carers. You will see through homework diaries or homework information sheets what children are working on – what targets they are setting and what achievements they have made. We recognise that you may need additional information or have a concern from time to time and are happy to meet with you to discuss these. Please arrange an appointment through the school office.  

We like to gather parental opinions throughout the year to assist us with school improvement planning and evaluation. The Parent Council work closely with the school to plan how to do this and we often carry out surveys, questionnaires or other information gathering tasks at parents’ evenings. Results from these are collated, shared on the Parent Council noticeboard and on the school website. 

Pupil Reps 

We have a group of elected pupils who are our Pupil Reps. Children from Primary 2 to Primary 7 are voted onto this group by their peers. The Pupil Reps help inform strategies to improve learning and teaching. They are consulted on various new developments as well as updating the school management team on how well the children, as a whole, are learning. They meet with the Head Teacher  every 6-8 weeks to share their views and help with new developments.  

Pupil Council 

We have another group of elected pupils who are our Pupil Council. Again children from Primary 2 to Primary 7 are voted onto this group by their peers. The aim of the Pupil Council is to work with school staff, all pupils and the Parent Council to improve Oxgang Primary School. The headteacher will meet   every 6-8 weeks with the Pupil Council to listen to and discuss their thoughts and opinions. There is a  focus on children’s rights and these are taken into consideration when decisions are made. 

The week before any Pupil Council meeting each class has a Circle Time to agree some things that could be improved in Oxgang Primary. Each class agrees something that the Pupil Council member will share at the Pupil Council meeting. The Pupil Council discuss these with the headteacher, decide which things to take forward and feedback to their classes when they return after the meeting. 

The Pupil Council will tell the whole school about any progress/achievements at assemblies throughout the year.

We seek opportunities for the Pupil Council and Pupil Reps to meet with the Parent Council to discuss ways they can work together to improve Oxgang Primary. 

Please see the Parent Council and PTA page for more information.